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Top Up loan
for existing loan customers

Unlock new possibilities with CDL Finserv's Top-Up Loan! Whether it's home renovation, education, or your dream vacation, our Top-Up Loan provides the extra funds you need. Enjoy low-interest rates, flexible repayment options, and turn your aspirations into reality. Embrace financial freedom with CDL Finserv.

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Key Features 


Short term loan requirements of Rs 100000/- to Rs 200000/-

Short tenor of 6 months

to 1 year

Interest rate-

18% to 26%

Prime Lending Rate of CDLFS as on 16th June 2022 is 18%*
​* This is subject to change as per the discretion of CDLFS.

Documents Required 

Proof of Identity & Address

Mandatory Documents*   


Document Proof


Aadhar Card     


Voter Card


Driving Licence




Utility Bill - Electricity bill/Telephone bill    

PAN Card


Why choose us for Top Up Loan?

When financial needs arise, CDL Finserv stands by your side with an exclusive solution – the Top-Up Loan. Designed for our existing customers who have maintained a repayment track of at least 6 months on their primary loan, this offering brings a myriad of benefits. The process is secured against the existing assets tied to your primary loan, ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience. With competitive interest rates and the flexibility to use the funds for various purposes such as home improvement, education, or personal ventures, our Top-Up Loan is a gateway to financial empowerment. Take the next step towards realizing your dreams – apply now and turn your aspirations into achievements!


Quick Solutions

Existing loan customers having repayment track of minimum 6 months of taking their primary loan.

Quick Transections

Enjoy quick transactions and seamless loan processing with CDL Finserv.

Hassle - Free Process

Secured against the existing assets under the primary loan

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