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Home Loan
For your dream home

Embark on the journey to your dream home effortlessly with CDL Finserv. Our home loan process is seamless, ensuring convenience at every step. Enjoy flexible EMIs and dedicated support, turning your dream home into a reality.

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Key Features 


Loans ranging from 2 lacs - 30 lacs 

For purchase of new house

For construction and renovation of home

ROI : As per bank Rates 

Prime Lending Rate of CDLFS as on 16th June 2022 is 18%*
​* This is subject to change as per the discretion of CDLFS.

Documents Required 

Proof of Identity & Address

Mandatory Documents*   


Document Proof


Aadhar Card     


Voter Card


Driving Licence




Utility Bill - Electricity bill/Telephone bill    

PAN Card


Why choose us for Home Loan?

Choosing CDL Finserv for your home loan comes with unparalleled advantages. Whether you're looking to purchase a new house, embark on construction, or renovate your existing home, we offer tailored solutions. With loan amounts ranging from 2 lacs to 20 lacs and competitive interest rates in line with bank standards, trust CDL Finserv to turn your homeownership dreams into reality.


Tax Benefits

Maximize your savings with CDL Finserv's home loan – not just a home, but also tax benefits in your pocket!


Easy Procedure

Simplify your path to homeownership with CDL Finserv – where easy procedures pave the way to your dream home effortlessly!


Customerized Home Loan Solutions

Crafting home loans tailored to your needs – CDL Finserv ensures a custom fit that aligns with your financial comfort!

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