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Naari Shakti Loan for Women Enterpreneur

At CDL Finserv, we understand the unique journey of women entrepreneurs, and that's why we present the Nari Shakti Loan – a financial solution tailored for the aspirations and challenges faced by women in business. This empowering loan is not just about funds; it's about recognizing the incredible potential within every woman to lead and succeed in the business world.

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Key Features 


Loan amount

2 lacs - 30 lacs

Secured by self occupied Residential or commercial properties

ROI : 18% -26%

Fee - 3% 

Prime Lending Rate of CDLFS as on 16th June 2022 is 18%*
​* This is subject to change as per the discretion of CDLFS.

Documents Required 

Proof of Identity & Address

Mandatory Documents*   


Document Proof


Aadhar Card     


Voter Card


Driving Licence




Utility Bill - Electricity bill/Telephone bill    

PAN Card


Why choose us for Naari Shakti  Loan?

Calling all women entrepreneurs to step into a realm of financial empowerment with CDL Finserv's Nari Shakti Loan. Our specially crafted loan offering is designed to support and nurture the aspirations of women in business. Whether you are looking to expand your existing venture, launch a new business, or enhance your working capital, the Nari Shakti Loan provides the financial backing you need. With competitive interest rates, flexible repayment options, and a hassle-free application process, CDL Finserv is committed to fostering the spirit of women entrepreneurship. Empower your dreams, break barriers, and redefine success – apply for the Nari Shakti Loan today!


Custom Solutions

Women to be main applicant

Quick Transections

Enjoy quick transactions and seamless loan processing with CDL Finserv.

Easy Processing

Secured by self occupied Residential or commercial properties

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