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Loan Against Property
for Business Expansion

Unlock the potential in your property with CDL Finserv's Loan Against Property! Whether it's business expansion, capital infusion, or a new venture, our loans ranging from 2 lacs to 30 lacs can fuel your ambitions. Seize the opportunity for growth!

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Key Features 


Loans ranging from 2 lacs - 30 lacs 

Secured by self occupied Residential or commercial properties 

ROI : 18-26%

Fee - 3% 

Prime Lending Rate of CDLFS as on 16th June 2022 is 18%*
​* This is subject to change as per the discretion of CDLFS.

Documents Required 

Proof of Identity & Address

Mandatory Documents*   


Document Proof


Aadhar Card     


Voter Card


Driving Licence




Utility Bill - Electricity bill/Telephone bill    

PAN Card


Why choose us for Loan Against Property for business expansion?

Choosing CDL Finserv for your Loan Against Property ensures a seamless experience and a host of benefits.  With flexible terms, a swift approval process, and competitive interest rates, we empower you to unlock the true value of your property. Trust CDL Finserv for a reliable and customer-centric approach to your financial needs.


High Eligibility Maximum Loan

Experience swift transactions, unmatched eligibility, and substantial loan amounts with CDL Finserv

Quick Transections

Enjoy quick transactions and seamless loan processing with CDL Finserv.

Customerized Loan Solutions

Unlock tailored financial solutions with CDL Finserv—where your loan is crafted to fit your unique needs.

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